Taffeta Treats

Taffeta Treats | Party Treats

Have Taffeta Events create your very own special unique sweet creation. Our Treat Stations also are not typical, for they all come with a specialty decor design. We specialize in making unique flavors with very elegant designs. No-one can do them like we do. Mini-specialty cakes, Elegant Cake Pops, and a variety of unique, scrumtuous flavored Cup-Cakes will be the talk of your event. Our prices for these treats start as low as $1.75 for Cake Pops, $3.50 for Cup-Cakes, and $8.25 for Mini-specialty cakes. If you book Taffeta Events for treats and event coordiantion, a special discount awaits you. Call us to inquire. 561-301-8466 .